Early Entrance Program Computer Lab Policies & Practices


Students should familiarize themselves with these rules that have been approved by a panel of elected student representatives. In addition, whenever appropriate ALL university rules regarding shared computer lab space also apply to the EEP lab. 

EEP computers were purchased specifically for academic use. Please respect the student’s use of the computers for academic purposes.

The EEP printer is for academic use only. Do not print anything not academic, do not leave pages strewn about the lab, do not change the printers settings in any way, and be sure to cancel print jobs if for whatever reason they do not complete.

No food and/or drinks are allowed near the EEP computers or printer. You may have food and/or drinks with you at one of the laptop tables with only your property at risk of damage; if someone else’s property is at risk you must remove that risk at their request.

Do not use any NIS account but your own and do not allow others to use your NIS account.

Do not modify these posted rules in any way for any reason. Any modifications made to this posting are invalid and to be ignored.

Do not disrupt anyone who is working. This includes playing sound from your own electronic device, horseplay, and anything you are requested to stop doing by another lab user.

Failure to adhere to these rules and/or doing anything disruptive, malicious, or otherwise unacceptable as defined by the lab administrator may result in ejection from the lab and/or a report to Program Director. If you feel an ejection was unjust or undeserved, discuss with Program Director.