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Biosafety Program

The Biosafety Program at Cal State LA provides assistance, technical information, and materials to laboratory researchers, instructors and clinical staff to assure the health and safety of all personnel. The program is designed to ensure that academic instruction, research and patient care function within all state, federal and local laws, regulations and guidelines.

Through a framework of guidance and support by the Biosafety Office, the Biosafety Program functions, operationally, with a focus on customer service and utilizes continuous improvement initiatives in striving for multiple goals of maximizing safety, facilitating research and assuring compliance.

Recognizing the laboratories, researchers, and instructors as the primary point of responsibility for safety and compliance, the Biosafety Office operates in consultancy with these groups providing forms, guidelines, documents, support services and other materials to assure program consistency. In addition, routine inspections are performed to identify and correct any deficiencies that threaten compliance, safety, research integrity, or funding by granting agencies.

Biosafety activities are coordinated and implemented through the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHS). If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for program improvement, please call Andrew Wilson at (323) 343-6359. We encourage you to share your ideas for enhancing the overall effectiveness of the program and invite you to visit our office located in Corporation Yard, Room 244.