Jennifer Jones's Curriculum Vitae

Jennifer M. Jones



Dedicated psychology student with 4 years of experience in leadership training and 3 years of laboratory and field experience in Forensic Psychology as a Research Assistant. Work ethic is driven by a strong sense of purpose in assessing procedures and influencing policy change to protect the rights of all individuals and improve mental health care services. Developed written and verbal communication skills and goal-oriented mindset will contribute to the prolonged success of my employer.


  • Experiments on human subjects and vulnerable populations
  • Entering and analyzing large amounts of data (SPSS, Excel)
  • Conducting literature review research
  • Administering psychological assessments
  • Teamwork, leadership, and problem solving
  • Empirical, professional, and creative writing (APA, MLA, Chicago; Microsoft Word, 275 CPM)
  • Oral presentations (PowerPoint, Prezi, poster)


Master of Science in Forensic Psychology

August 2018 – May 2020

California State University, Los Angeles, CA

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Criminal Justice

September 2014 – May 2018

California State University, Los Angeles, CA

GPA: 3.796, magna cum laude


Eisen, M. L., Cedré, G. C., Olaguez, A. P., Jones, J. M. (2018). False memories of criminal conduct: How depicting the defendant as a dangerous gang-member can precipitate schematic-intrusions for evidence of past criminal behavior. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Eisen, M. L., Cedré, G. C., Williams, T., & Jones, J. M. (2018). Does anyone else look familiar? Influencing identification decisions by asking witnesses to reexamine the lineup. Law and Human Behavior, 42(4), 306-320. doi: 10.1037/lhb0000291

Jones, J. M., Eisen, M. L., & Williams, T. (2018). Abstract: Individual differences in eyewitness memory: Openness and witness performance at showups. WPA Ninety-Eighth Annual Convention. (ID: 1003).

Cedré, G. C., Jones, J. M., Williams, T., Eisen, M. L., Mendez, A., & Lacsamana, M. (2018). Abstract: How inducing a negative bias against a defendant can create false memories for evidence never presented at trial. WPA Ninety-Eighth Annual Conventiosn. (ID: 192).

Eisen, M. L., Skerrit-Perta, A., Jones, J. M., Owen, J., & Cedré, G. C. (2017). Pre-admonition suggestion in live showups: When witnesses learn that the cops caught ‘the’ guy. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 31(5), 520-529.  doi: 10.1002/acp.3349.

Jones, J. M., Cruz, T., Eisen, M. , Cedre, G., Diep, J., & Ruaro, B. (2016). Abstract: How inducing bias against the defendant at trial can create false memories in jurors. WPA Ninety-Seventh Annual Convention. (ID: 869).

Skerritt-Perta, A., Eisen, M. L., Jones, J. M. (2016). Abstract: Do witnesses perform differently when they think it’s real? Using a field-simulation paradigm to study showups in real-world conditions. WPA Ninety-Seventh Annual Convention. (ID: 499).

Owen, J., Eisen, M. L., Jones, J. M. (2016). Abstract: Examining the effect of subtle disconfirming feedback on eyewitness identifications. WPA Ninety-Seventh Annual Convention. (ID: 459).


Graduate Assistant, January 2018 to Present

California State University, Los Angeles, CA

Salary: $13 per hour

Job Type: Part Time

Professor: Joel Ellwanger, Douglas Stenstrom, Brigitte Matthies, (323) 343-2281


Research Assistant, October 2016 to Present

L.A. County Department of Probation’s Juvenile Competency Program, Los Angeles, CA

Salary: Unpaid VISTO Volunteer

Job Type: Part Time

Supervisor: Rebecca Nathanson, (702) 321-5422


Research Assistant, January 2016 to Present

California State University’s Forensic Psychology Laboratory, Los Angeles, CA

Salary: Grant dependent

Job Type: Part Time

Supervisor: Mitchell Eisen, (323) 309-6867


Head Camp Counselor and Rental/Office Staff, July 2013 to August 2016

Newport Aquatic Center, Newport Beach, CA

Salary: $14 - $17 per hour

Job Type: Part Time

Supervisor: Billy Whitford, (949) 400-5250


Intern, 2012-2013

Kathy Escher Private Practice, Newport Beach, CA

Salary: Unpaid

Job Type: Part Time

Supervisor: Kathy Escher (949) 400-5940


American Psychological Association (APA)

American Psychology Law Society (APLS)

Society of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition (SARMAC)

Western Psychological Association (WPA)

Psi Chi Honor Society

National Society of Leadership and Success

Honor Society

CSULA Honor’s College


Social & Behavioral Research, 2017

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program)

HIPAA Certification, 2016

VISTO Volunteer LA Probation Department

Protecting Human Research Participants Certification, 2016

National Institutes of Health (NIH)


VISTO Volunteer Orientation and HIPAA Training, December 2016

Los Angeles County Probation Department

WASI administration and scoring, October 2016

LA Probation Department Competency Project Training

MacCat administration and scoring, October 2016

LA Probation Department Competency Project Training

ChIPS administration and scoring, October 2016

LA Probation Department Competency Project Training

NEO-PI-R administration and scoring, 2016

Professional Manual

National Youth Leadership Training, 2011-2015

Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America


Selected as CSULA Delegate to the CSU Statewide Student Research Competition, 2018

California State University, Sacramento

Outstanding Oral Presentation in Behavior and Social Sciences, 2017 & 2018

25th and 26th Annual Student Symposium on Research and Creative Activities

California State University, Los Angeles

Special Recognition in Honors College, 2017

California State University, Los Angeles

Dean’s List, 2015-2018

Evelyn Troup Fellow