Decolonizing Professionalism: Navigating Identity in the Workplace

Date and Time

Friday, September 3, 2021 - 12:00pm


Ideas about professionalism and success in business are socially constructed, rooted in racism, sexism and capitalism. Because of this, any attempts at "diversity" and "inclusion" will only reinforce existing power structures, forcing women, queer folks, people of color and others to conform to the status quo rather than challenging the places where the status quo is problematic. This interactive talk invites people to examine their preconceptions of professionalism, separate them from traditional norms and replace them with new ways of thinking that actually invite innovation, creativity, and problem-solving with a focus on how individuals can navigate these challenges in their workplaces.

Learn more and register online for the event, which features presenter Nora Rahimian, a creative entrepreneur, social impact strategist and consultant.


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