Ido Tadmor & Elwira Piorun

Event date and time

Saturday, September 26, 2015 - 8:30pm


Renowned Israeli choreographer and dancer Ido Tadmor is joined by celebrated Polish dancer Elwira Piorun for the Los Angeles premiere of two recent works produced in collaboration with choreographer Rachel Erdos. Ido Tadmor is the artistic director of the prestigious Israel Ballet and is the recipient of the Landau Prize for life achievement. Elwira Piorun is known for her unparalleled grace and elegance and was for many years the soloist at the Teatr Wielki - the Polish National Opera in Warsaw. Ido Tadmor and Elwira Piorun join forces to perform two duets entitled ‘Engage’ and ‘Rust.’ The works follow two lovers as they mature together as a couple. 


Luckman Theatre
Luckman Box Office
(323) 343-6600
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