The International Program - International Programs and Services

1. How do I apply to be an international student at Cal State L.A.?

Contact the International Office (323- 343-3170) or email for admission criteria. The online application is available Follow the posted deadlines to submit your application and supporting documents.

2. I have a question about transferring to CSULA. Whom can I contact?

If your question is related to admission, such as admission criteria, deadlines, or document submission, please contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment at (323-343-3901). If your question is related to immigration, such as the I-20 or travel during the transfer, you should call the International Office at 323-343-3170 or email

3. What name should I enter for the University application?

You should use the name that is printed on your passport. If no passport is available, use the name on your birth certificate. The name you enter on the University application will be the same name that is entered onto your I-20. It is important that your name be spelled correctly and listed in the correct order. Spacing and hyphens should be consistent. Please see the section for Information Integrity, above.

4. How do I apply for the Form I-20/DS-2019?

You must apply to the University, be admitted as a student, show valid financial support and then the I-20 will be issued to you. If you are transferring from another U.S. institution, your current school must release your SEVIS record to Cal State L.A. prior to our issuing the I-20.

5. I have not taken the TOEFL yet, can I still apply?

Yes. You should submit the online application by the stated deadline. You can then submit other supporting documents, such as the TOEFL score, after the application deadline. You must submit all required documents by any final deadline indicated on the Office of Admissions and Recruitment website, or provided to you in correspondence from the Admissions and Recruitment Office.

6. When should I send in the supporting documents such as transcripts, TOEFL, financial support, etc.?

The Admissions evaluators will only review a complete application package. So, if your application package is missing one or more documents, this will delay its processing. It is best to submit all required documents as soon as possible so that your application can be reviewed. Be sure to submit the required documents no later than the posted deadlines.

7. I am applying for a graduate program, what do I need to submit?

As a graduate applicant, you must submit two applications to CSULA: the first is to the University, which is the University online application that every applicant must submit; and the second is to the department of your specific program/major. In order to receive official admission to CSULA, you must be admitted by the University and your major department.

8. I submitted my application on CSUMentor, what do I do now?

After submitting your online application, you will receive two emails: one, with your Campus Identification Number, and the other, with your Personal Identification Number. You may access your CSULA account with these two numbers and follow-up on the status of your application. The account will list any To-Do items and missing documents, with the deadlines to submit them.

9. Can the University email or fax a copy of my I-20 to me?

No. The Department of Homeland Security prohibits us from sending copies of the I-20 by such electronic means.

10. My English could improve before I study at the University. How do I apply for an English language program?

An intensive English program, presently with six proficiency levels, is offered through the College of Extended Studies and International Programs. You may contact the English Language Program office directly at 323-343-4840, or obtain information on its classes at:

11. I have not heard from Admissions Office regarding my application. Whom should I contact?

You may look up your To-Do-List and the View-Application-Status by logging in to your GET account, or email to, or call (323)343-3901.

12. Is there housing on campus? Does it include a meal plan?

Yes. Information on housing is available at the Housing Services website:; or by contacting Housing Services at 323-343-4800. There is a meal plan, which presently consists of 5 dinners and 2 brunches (7 meals, total) per week.There are also food facilities on campus, and kitchen facilities in each apartment at campus housing.