A.Dee Williams, Ph.D.

A.Dee Williams, Ph.D.
Charter College of Education
Curriculum & Instruction
Office Location: KH D2067A
Phone: (323) 343-6168 Email: awillia6@calstatela.edu




Urban Teacher Education

Teacher Residency Training

School Climate

Technology and Education

Critical Cultural Literacy

Popular Culture and Education

Critical Social Theory

Critical Race Theory 




Title Date

Ricci, L., Williams, A., Persiani, K. (2017, January 3) Highlights and Challenges of Collaboration and Co-Teaching in Urban Teacher Residency Program Preparing Special-Education, Math, and Science teachers. Presentation at the 2017 Hawaii International Conference on Education. Honolulu, Hawaii


Shindler, J., Jones, A., Williams, A., Taylor, C., Cardenas, H. (2016). Exploring the school climate – student achievement connection: And making sense of why the first precedes the second. Journal of School Administration Research and Development 1(1), 7-14.


Redmond, P., Herring, M., Thomas, T., Smaldino, S. & Williams, A. (2013). AACTE innovation and technology leadership initiative to develop TPACK ready teacher candidates: A practical solution for transforming teacher preparation programs. In R. McBride & M. Searson (Eds.), Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2013 (pp. 3612-3616). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.


Williams, A. (2009) The Critical Cultural Cypher: Remaking Paulo Freire’s cultural circles using Hip Hop culture. The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy 2(1), 1-29.


Williams, A. (2008) Re – Membering Freire:  The Links between Hip Hop Culture and Paulo Freire. The Journal of Thought. Fall/Winter, 69-83.





University of Maryland, College Park, (UMD)

Ph.D.  May, 2007

Major: Curriculum and Instruction

Emphasis: Teacher Education/Professional Development

Dissertation Title:  The Critical Cultural Cypher: Hip Hop’s Role in Engaging Students in a Discourse of Enlightenment.


University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Center X

M.Ed. received June 2001

Major Field:  Social Studies Education


California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo

B.S. received 1995

Major Field:  Psychology with Concentration in Applied Social Psychology