Dr. Andrea Zetlin

Charter College of Education
Department of Special Education & Counseling
Office Location: KH 1072i
Phone: 323 343-4410 Email: azetlin@exchange.calstatela.edu



Andrea Zetlin Ed.D. is Professor Emerita in the Division of Special Education and Counseling at CalStateLA. She joined the faculty in Fall, 1989 in the Mild/Moderate Disabilities Program. She is the Director of the Center for Multicultural Education and the C. Lamar Mayer Learning Center. She coordinates the Multicultural/ Multilingual Special Education MA Program. She has directed numerous grants related to the education of high risk populations of students and special education teacher preparation. She is currently heading the CCOE team of teacher educators participating in the CEEDAR Center Project whose goal is to transform educator preparation and produce teachers and leaders with skills necessary to meet the needs of a diverse range of learners. Dr. Zetlin has worked to develop effective models for school-university-community partnerships to improve educational outcomes for high-risk students and with schools and public agencies to improve support for and educational outcomes of foster children and youths.


Dr. Zetlin's teaching interests include understanding cultural and linguistic diversity in students and families, interprofessional education, and qualitative research methods.


Dr. Zetlin's primary research interests include documenting the development of school/university partnerships, developing strategies for enhancing learning among high risk urban populations, improving educational outcomes of foster youth, and understanding the impact of culture and language on learning.



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in press

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June 5, 2014

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Postdoctoral Scholar Community Adaptation of Young Adults and Adults with Developmental Disabilities 1979-1981

  • Neuropsychiatric Institute, UCLA
    Los Angeles, CA

Ed.D. Special Education 5/77

  • Teachers College, Columbia University
    New York, NY

MA Educational Psychology 6/73

  • New York University
    New York, NY

BA Elementary Education/Behavioral Sciences 6/72

  • Queens College, CUNY
    Flushing, NY