Dr. Rachel Friedman, Associate Professor

College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
Office Location: ET A 409
Phone: 323-343-4563 Email: rfriedm6@calstatela.edu


I came to California State University, Los Angeles from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2018. I am a pilot and teach courses in airline operations, private pilot ground, aerodynamics, aviation administration, aviation communication and several other topics. Outside of academia, I work with a company called AJ Publications. I am the editor-in-chief of four publications: TBM Owners & Pilot Association, Pilatus Owners & Pilot Association, Embraer Jet Owners Association and Citation Jet. The parent company of AJ Publications, Air Journey, arranges and directs journeys around the world for people who own and operate private aircraft. I recently had the chance to go to Cuba on such a journey. 

My Ph.D. is in Communication from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. I enjoy teaching, flying, writing and traveling. I am in a local flying club and try to fly as often as possible. My favorite destination is Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Below are some of my publications:

Friedman, R. (2019). Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Flight Data Logging (FDL). Pilatus Owner Pilot Magazine. 

Friedman, R. (2018). Certified Pre-Owned Eclipse Program. Contrails: The private jet magazine.

Friedman, R. (2017). Mission Accomplished: Cirrus Vision SF50 - World's first single-engine personal jet. Contrails: The private jet magazine.  

Friedman, R. (2017). Martha: King of the Air. Contrails: The private jet magazine.

Friedman, R., McNabb, N., & McCauliff, K. (2017). Listening to Women on the Right: Communication Strategies of Today's Female Republican Politicians. Jefferson, NC: McFarland Books.

Durham, W. & Friedman, R. (2016). Smoke Signals: Communicating and Negotiating Face within Friend Groups in Public Contexts. The Florida Communication Journal.

Friedman, R. & McNabb, N. (2014). The lifestyle of the  ‘urban tribe’: A critical analysis of masternarratives, counterstories, and resistance on Will & Grace and Friends. The Florida Communication Journal.

Friedman, R. & Lee, R. (2013). The Style and Rhetoric of Elizabeth Dole: Public Persona and Political Discourse. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

McNabb, N. & Friedman, R. (2013). Meghan McCain is GOP Proud: A rhetorical analysis of the political discourse surrounding feminist leadership in the Republican Party. In Political Women: Language and Leadership edited by Michelle Lockhard and Kathleen Mullick. Lexington Books.  

Friedman, R. & McNabb, N. (2012). Beyond the Lyrics: An Examination of Race and Culture. Lynchburg, VA: Liberty University Press.

Friedman, R. & Gutgold, N. (2012).  Two Women for President: The Importance of the Announcement Speech on the Campaign. Advancing Women in Leadership, 32. 1-29.

Friedman, R. & Jones, A. (2011). Corsets, Headpieces, and Tape: An Ethnography of  Gendered Performance. The Cross-Cultural Communication Journal, 7(2), 82-91.

McNabb, N. & Friedman, R. (2009). Re-Learning American History:  Understanding the Assumptions Underlying Intercultural Communication. Communication Teacher, 23, 32-36.



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