Jing Zhao

Rongxiang Xu College of Health and Human Services
School of Kinesiology and Nutritional Science
Office Location: ASCL 111
Phone: 323-343-4665 Email: jzhao30@calstatela.edu


  • Postdoc in Food Chemistry, University of Kentucky, 2016
  • Postdoc in Meat Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2014
  • Ph.D. in Food Science, University of Kentucky, December 2012
  • B.S. in Food Quality and Safety, China Agricultural University, June 2008


  • FST 3200-01 Food Chemistry;
  • FST 3200-02 Food Chemistry Laboratory;
  • FST 3230-01 Food Analysis;
  • FST 3230-02 Food Analysis Laboratory;
  • FST 4210-01 Sensory Evaluation of Food Products;
  • FST 4210-02 Sensory Evaluation of Food Products Laboratory;
  • FST 4540-01 Special Topics in Food Science: Food Proteins;
  • FST 4600 Animal Food Product Technology.


  • Protein chemistry;
  • Functional, structural, and proteomic studies of bioactive compounds;
  • Flavor profiles of plant proteins;
  • Quality and sensory attributes of processed meat products;
  • Sensory Evaluation.


  • 2009–present        American Meat Science Association (AMSA)
  • 2008–present        Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) 


  • Zhao, J.; Boatright, W. L. Improving the Sensory Attributes of Rice Protein Isolates. ($149,998). Awarded by USDA-NIFA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative: Foundational Program. Project period: 6/1/2017–5/31/2019.
  • Zhao, J. Influence of Non-Protein Ingredients on Protein Oxidation during Rice Protein Processing. ($12,720). Grant awarded by Southern California IFT Section. Project period: 7/1/2017–6/30/2018.
  • Zhao, J. Characterization of Antioxidant Peptides of Plant Origin. ($5,000). Mini-grant awarded by California State University, Los Angeles, Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Grant Program. Project period: 7/1/2017–6/30/2018.
  • Zhao, J. Improving the Solubility and Functionalities of Rice Protein Isolates. Assigned time award funded by California State University, Los Angeles, Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Grant Program. Project period: 7/1/2017–6/30/2018.


Zhao, J.; Boatright, W. L. Static headspace analysis of odorants in commercial rice proteins. Food Chem. 2017, 221: 345-350.

Cao, Y.; Zhao, J.; Xiong, Y. L. Coomassie Brilliant Blue-binding: a simple and effective method for the determination of water-insoluble protein surface hydrophobicity. Anal. Methods. 2016, 8, 790−795. (Co-first author)

Zhao, J.; Xiong, Y. L. Interfacial peptide partitioning and undiminished antioxidative and emulsifying activity of oxidatively stressed soy protein hydrolysate in an O/W emulsion. LWT- Food Sci. Technol. 2015, 61, 322−329.

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