John Hurley

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College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
Department of Computer Science
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I teach a broad range of courses in Computer Science.  I am currently teaching CS3801: Societal and Ethical Impacts of Computing, CS3035: Paradigms of Programming Languages, and CS2012: Introduction to Programming With Java Part II.  I periodically teach CS2013: Programming with Data Structures,   I also advise a group of Senior Design students on a capstone project each year.

Office Hours


The purpose of office hours is to get clarification on class material and assignments.  Come to my office hours with specific questions.  Please don't:

  • Study or write any substantial amount of code in my office hours space or during an online office hour
  • Ask me to write code for you
  • Ask questions which are already answered in the lectures or assignments
  • Use office hours as a substitute for reading the textbook and paying attention to the lectures

My office hours end at the times shown.  I have other commitments immediately after my office hours, so please arrive or call in well before the scheduled end time. 

Online office hours are not private by default, since other students may overhear our conversation.  If you need to discuss a confidential issue, ask me to set up a private chat. 


Office Hours Schedule For Fall 2022:

ONLINE Monday 5:00 to 6:00 PM Link:

IN PERSON: Wednesday 12:40 to 1:40 PM E & T A-310


Senior Design 2022-2023

My Senior Design students for 2022-2023 are Cesar Ayala, Songtao Bu, Alejandro Ceballos, Bryan Chan, Erik Donovan-Blood, Kennard Lim, Jorge Mata, Kalvin Mateo, Misael Ortega, Jonathan Saldivar, and Dustin Shin.    They will be adding additional features to the arqive, which you can find at the arqive and on the Apple and Google Play stores


Senior Design 2021-2022

My Senior Design students for 2021-2022 were Matthew Frias, Jesus Gonzalez Perez, Kevin Kazaryan, Daniel Lee, Stewart McKenzie, Erica Payne, Team 1 Leader Erica Santos, Team 2 Leader Leslie Segovia, Bryan Sosa, and Elio Vences.  They added features and enhanced security for the arQive.

Senior Design 2020-2021

My Senior Design students for 2020-2021 were Randy Arruda, Balarama Carter, group leader Richard Cruz-Silva, Abram Flores, Carlos Larios-Solis, Khang Le, Brandon Lee, Casandra Pahed, and Evelyn Ramirez.  They maintained and added features to the arQive and developed a mobile version, which you can find on the Apple and Google Play stores.

Senior Design 2019-20

My Senior Design students for 2019-20 were Fadi Haddad, Klaudia Hernandez, Nate Suarez, Tony Truong, and group leader Justine West.  Check out their outstanding work on development for the arQive.