Jose Ortiz

Photo of Dr. Jose Ortiz
College of Business and Economics
Computer Information Systems
Office Location: ST 605

Contributing to the prosperity of society is Dr. Jose Ortiz's purpose in life. Helping others fulfill their professional goals and delivering high-quality educational programs are the primary drivers behind Dr. Jose Ortiz's academic career.

Dr. Jose Ortiz joined the CBE Computer Information Systems in 2021. Dr. Jose Ortiz decided to pursue an academic career because he believes in the potential of education and knowledge to transform lives and improve society. Dr. Jose Ortiz's areas of interest include computational approaches for studying social phenomena and methods for extracting useful information and knowledge from data. During his doctoral studies, Dr. Jose Ortiz investigated the role of social media on activism in Guatemalan society.

Dr. Jose Ortiz is proudly Guatemalan. He has also lived in different countries worldwide, including Taiwan, Denmark, and New Zealand. Such experiences gave Dr. Jose Ortiz empathy and a profound appreciation for individuals and groups with different racial backgrounds. Dr. Jose Ortiz also enjoys nature and outdoor activities. In the dreamy landscapes of Guatemala, Dr. Jose Ortiz discovered his passion for mountaineering and long-distance hiking. Dr. Jose Ortiz is also passionate about swimming. During summer, Dr. Jose Ortiz does not hesitate to join open water swimming races.