Lorie Judson

Rongxiang Xu College of Health and Human Services
School of Nursing
Office Location: SH C101
Phone: 323 343 4719 Email: ljudson@calstatela.edu



Lorie Judson was a part-time faculty member at California State University, Los Angeles since 1977, after being appointed as Visiting Professor for one year in 1976. Her Ph.D. was completed in May, 2002 at the University of San Diego.  Her dissertation explored the experience of mothering a child at home dependent on parenteral nutrition. She became a full-time professor in 1997 and tenured in 2004.A Major in the Army Nurse Corps, United States Army Reserve, she spent four months in Germany in support of Operation Joint Endeavor in 1996 and two weeks in May 1998, in Guatemala participating in a humanitarian effort for victims of Hurricane Mitch.  For 14 months in 2004-2005, she was deployed to Landstuhl, Germany where she was the Officer-In-Charge of Triage in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.



Co-writing a National Institute of Health grant which was funded in 1996, Lorie Judson initiated a program of study at the Master's level for the education of Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioners. She currently teaches Advanced Pathophysiology to graduate students.


Past research involvement was concerned with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, as a research assistant and research consultant for the Collaborative Home Infant Monitoring Evaluation project (CHIME).

Current research is exploring the role of mothering a child at home, dependent on high technology for nutrition.



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California State University, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California                                              Post- Master’s             Practitioner



University of San Diego                                             2002                            Nursing

San Diego, California                                                 Ph.D.


University of California, Los Angeles                        1976                            Pediatric

Los Angeles, California                                              M.N.                            Nursing/Education


University of Wisconsin                                             1973                            Nursing

Madison, Wisconsin                                                    B.S.N.


Madison General Hospital                                          1967                            Nursing

School of Nursing                                                       Diploma

Madison, Wisconsin


Bethany Lutheran College                                          1964 - 1965                 Pre-nursing

Mankato, Minnesota