Zachary Vernon

Zachary Vernon
College of Arts and Letters

Assistant Professor, Graphic Design

Zachary is a graphic designer, storyteller, and educator specializing in advertising, branding, and creative strategy. He received his Bachelor's of Science in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin and his MFA in Communication Design from Texas State University. He has worked at agencies big and small in both Australia and the US for clients ranging from global brands to local mom-and-pop shops, and won numerous industry awards. In 2014, he started his own creative agency, Drawn This Way, where he and his partner work on creative projects for non-profit organizations and entrepreneurial ventures. Zachary's research focuses on the social implications of visual narrative and design. He created Others, a comic book (and webcomic) meant to reduce sexual prejudice and introduce people to the LGBTQ+ community through the graphic retelling of real queer people's stories and experiences. He also works with artists, educators, and various community organizations to better tell their stories and get across their message.

Office: FA 329