Pre-Medical (Osteopathic and Allopathic)

“Physicians diagnose and care for people of all ages who are ill or have been injured. They are life-long learners, good listeners, and problem solvers, and are intrigued by the ways medicine can be used to improve life. Doctors are interested in science, the intricacies of human body’s systems, and care deeply about helping people to relieve pain, restore health, and promote well-being.

As an osteopathic physician, the goal is to make life easier or more comfortable for the patient by removing disease and enabling functional health. Optimal health encompasses the mind, body and spirit; a daily activity includes engaging with patients socially in order to partner with them to move from their current condition to a state of optimal health.” -NAAHP Fact Sheet

  • GPA Mean for admitted students: MD: 3.7, DO: 3.56

  • MCAT Mean for admitted students: MD: 508, DO: 502