Scholarship Guidelines

The M. Earl and Flora C. Grant Endowment Scholarship Award Guidelines


  1. Application Process
    1. Application forms and guidelines may be obtained at the Applied Gerontology Institute in SH-C90.
    2. Applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committee members. The committee is composed of two faculty members and the Director of the Applied Gerontology Institute.
    3. Selection will be based on the following criteria:
      1. Completed application form.
      2. 2 letters of recommendation (one from a professor and one from a supervisor, who directly oversees applicant in an on-the-job situation or internship).
      3. 3-5 page statement of professional goals in gerontology.
      4. Official transcript.
      5. Resumé.
    4. The awardees will be notified of the committee’s recommendation.
    5. The funding amount will be determined by the committee.