Information About the Certificate Program

Offered by the School of Health and Human Services, this program provides individuals from various disciplines with expanded interdisciplinary knowledge and formalized education in the area of child maltreatment and family violence, training and field experience in serving this population.  It provides excellent preparation and opportunities to qualify for career positions in which multidisciplinary child abuse and family violence training is required or is essential.

Students who enter under the semester system need 15 units of semester credit as follows:

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  • CHDV 4120 (3 Units) – Issues in Child Abuse, Neglect and Family Violence, offered in fall and spring.
  • COMD 3190 (3 Units) – Communicating with Abused Children and Violent Families, offered in winter.
  • SW 4560 (3 Units) – Multidisciplinary Teams, Child Maltreatment and Family Violence, offered in spring.
  • ELECTIVES (3 Units): Take one elective course from page 2 of the application.
  • FIELDWORK (3 Units): HHS 4950 or SW 4951 (See requirements for using SW 4951)

·         The goals of the program are to prepare individuals to better serve the needs of abused children and violent families, and to qualify for career positions in which multidisciplinary training is essential.  Given semester conversions, students who entered under the quarter system need 24 units of upper division course work:  including 16 units of required courses, 4 units of electives, and 4 units of field experience.  The students who entered under the quarter system have to take  COUN/ PSY 403 (4 units) Psychosocial Dynamics of Child Maltreatment and Family Violence. This is part of the 16 units of previously required coursework.

Per the university regulations, we will honor students’ choice as to which program they enter under during this brief period of transition.  Admissions to the certificate program requires upper division standing (completion of 90 quarter units), enrollment in the state university or through the PAGE (Open University program), an application to enter the certificate program, and approval by the program director. The application to the program is available on the door of the Institute, King Hall 109 B, or on the home page of the website.