Industry Consultant Members

Photo of P. Martin

Dr. Paul Martin

Dr. Paul Martin is President of CRAIC Technologies. CRAIC Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing cutting edge scientific instrumentation for optical analysis of microscopic sampling.  Dr. Martin has over 30 years of experience in vibrational and electronic spectroscopy and in the development and construction of scientific instrumentation.  He has been involved in numerous projects ranging from forensic analysis of inks to the development of equipment for mapping pressure sensitive paints for aircraft to immunoassays for the medical field.

Dr. Martin received his doctorate from Carnegie Mellon University in vibrational and electronic spectroscopy in 1994. Dr. Martin’s main interest during this period was the spectroscopic analysis of photosynthetic bacteria.  Dr. Martin’s most significant achievement during this period was the characterization of the vibrational states of a number of mutant strains of photosynthetic bacteria.  Upon graduation, Dr. Martin joined Nanometrics and became involved with UV-visible-NIR microspectroscopy and its applications to forensic analysis and the measurement of thin films in the semiconductor industry.

In 2002, Dr. Martin helped found CRAIC Technologies, Inc., a California company specializing in UV-visible-NIR range microscopy and microspectroscopy.  CRAIC designs and builds instruments for microspectroscopic analysis and imaging.  These instruments have many applications ranging from the analysis of trace evidence in forensic laboratories to the development of novel materials and their characterization.  A growing company, CRAIC has recently released its fifth generation instruments that are able to acquire many types of spectra and images of microscopic samples by many different means including absorbance, polarization, Raman and more.   

Photo of T. Sahiri

Dr. Thomas Sahiri

Thomas Sahiri, an entrepreneur, inventor and executive manager, received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany in 1995. After holding several positions at global acting companies developing and manufacturing analytical equipment, he founded Implen in 2003 together with his brother Martin Sahiri.

Facts about the company: Implen started as a distribution company for advanced laboratory equipment focused on small volume applications in the fields of molecular biology and human genetics. In 2005, Implen introduced its first proprietary and patented product, the LabelGuard™ Microliter Cell. The LabelGuard™ Microliter Cell is a high precision, opto-mechanical device that may be used in a standard laboratory photometer to reduce the required sample volume by a factor of 1000. The LabelGuard™ was developed in cooperation with Hellma GmbH & Co KG, a German based leading supplier of spectro-optics headquartered in Germany.

In 2006, Implen developed and successfully launched its first photometer, the NanoPhotometer®. Using Sample Compression Technology™ combined with modern computer technology the NanoPhotometer® improves both functionality and reliability for the non-destructive measuring of microliter samples. As a result, the NanoPhotometer® is one of the most sought after small volume spectrophotometers around the globe, with more than 5000 users in 100 countries. New products are constantly being developed to serve adjacent markets and special applications.