Bilingual Lab - Current Projects

Dual language learners with language impairment

The project investigates the characteristics of receptive and expressive language skills in Spanish-English speaking dual language learners with and without language impairment (also referred as developmental language disorder).

In collaboration with Drs. Méndez and Gutiérrez-Clellen.


Profiles of Spanish-English speaking children with developmental language disorder

The project explores the trajectories of semantics and morphosyntax development in Spanish and English in Latino children with DLD in the U.S.

In collaboration with Drs. Bedore, Peña, and Iglesias.


Academic and clinical preparation of bilingual speech-language pathologists

This project documents strategies and programs developed and implemented to increase the graduation rate of bilingual speech-language pathologists.

In collaboration with the Cal State LA Communication Disorders department and Drs. Greene and Méndez.