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Recent Publications

Borovsky, A., Ellis, E., Evans, J., & Elman, J. (In Press). Lexical leverage: Category knowledge boosts real-time novel word recognition in two year olds. Developmental Science.

Borovsky, A., Ellis, E., Evans, J., & Elman, J. (In Press). Semantic density interacts with lexical and sentence processing in infancy. Child Development.

Ellis, E., Borovsky, A., Elman, J., & Evans, J. (2015). Novel Word Learning: An Eye-Tracking Study Are 18-Month-Old Late Talkers Really Different from their Typical Peers? Journal of Communication Disorders, 58, 143-157.

Ellis, E., Robledo, M., & Deák, G. (2013). Visual Prediction in Infancy: What is the Association to Later Vocabulary? Language Learning and Development, 10, 36-50.

Ellis, E. & Thal, D. (2008) Early Language Delay and Risk for Language Impairment Perspectives in Language Learning Disorders, 15, 93-100.


Recent Conference Presentations

Ellis & Searcy (2016). Parent Child Sign & Speak: Does it help reduce parental stress? Presentation at the California Speech Language Hearing Association. Anaheim, CA.


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