Faculty - Frances P. Abderhalden, PhD 


PhD - Criminal Justice, University of Central Florida 

MS – Criminal Justice and Criminology, University of West Florida 

BA – Criminal Justice and Criminology, University of West Florida 

     Dr. Abderhalden holds both a doctorate and master’s degree in criminal justice.  Her research centers on institutional corrections, specifically jail incarceration. Her focus on suicidality and the mental health impact of incarceration has led her to partner with multiple large jails in multiple states. Additionally, Dr. Abderhalden’s survey development has helped to reframe correctional research and realign with the unique qualities of shorter-term jail incarceration. Dr. Abderhaldens’s work has been published in empirical journals, like Crime and Delinquency and the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. She works closely with jail administration to help provide suggestions for policy implications related to suicide prevention and reentry concerns. 

     As a teacher, I want to be someone who enlightens students to realize that there is always room for improvement and growth and therefore, I strive to demonstrate to my students' freedom of imagination, critical thinking and continuous learning. I stand firm in my belief that teaching is the ultimate facilitation and balance of imagination and critical thinking. If students are genuinely motivated to expand their thinking through the freedom to explore ideas and develop empirically-based platforms, I believe that students will be lifelong learners. It is my role as a teacher to assist students in gaining their own identity that helps them to be critical, individual thinkers, who consider other people and their environment when analyzing situations. 




Photo of Dr. F. Abderhalden

Contact Information:

Office: HDFC 249 
Email: fabderh@calstatela.edu
Phone: 323-343-4612

Research Interests:

Institutional Corrections, Jail Incarceration,
Suicidality, Non-Serious Self-Injury (NSSI),
Mental Health of People Incarcerated, Emotionality,
Reentry Mapping, Correctional Policy,
Siblings and Crime, Life Course Theory

Courses Taught:

Research Methods in Criminal Justice,
Data Analysis in Criminal Justice,
Corrections and Penology, Offender Reentry