Exercise Science Student Learning Outcomes

BS Exercise Science

Upon completion of the program the students will be able to:

    Learning outcome 1 - Utilize fundamental knowledge of exercise physiology, biomechanics & motor learning to address health, fitness, and sport.

    Learning outcome 2 - Design and implement exercise regimens using appropriate methods, techniques, and exercises.

    Learning outcome 3 - Assess and evaluate physical health and needs of diverse populations.


    Learning outcome 4 - Demonstrate an understanding of the historical, social, and cultural factors that influence physical health and wellbeing and incorporate this knowledge into culturally relevant health & fitness plans.

    Learning outcome 5 - Effectively communicate, both orally and in writing, to diverse audiences about the different sub-disciplines of kinesiology.

    Learning Outcome 6 – Utilize a wide variety of physical health equipment and technology to promote physical health & wellbeing as well as rehabilitation from injury.