Public Health Student Learning Outcomes

BS Public Health

Community Health Option:
Obtain health related data about social and cultural environments, needs and interests of different communities.
Plan and implement effective health education programs.
Evaluate health programs.
Identify or recruit community organizations, resource people, and potential participants for support and assistance in planning a health program.
Coordinate health programs and services.
Act as a resource person in community health programs and activities.

Communicate health needs, concerns, and resources.

MH Public Health

Apply basic PH concepts, processes, and approaches to programs or interventions that address community- and population-level concerns.

Describe the complex relationship of health determinants and outcomes when addressing health issues and health disparities at organizational, community, and societal levels.

Demonstrate fundamental and theoretical features of public health project implementation, including planning, assessment, and evaluation.

Apply basic descriptive and analytic methods for evidence-based decision making in public health practice, policy, or research.

Communicate public health information, in both oral and written forms and through a variety of media, to diverse audiences.

Implement principles of ethical and professional conduct to public health initiatives as a collaborator, resource, or advocate.