Pathways to Learning

Program Schedule

Timeline for Part A Module 1 Phase 1

Timeline for Part A Module 1 Phase 1
Time Line

Phase 1

Foundational Knowledge

Week I

Self and Identity:

Who Am I?

Week II

Determinants to Health 
and Exercise:
Disability & Society

Week III

Theories and Models:
What Drives Me?


Timeline for Part A Module 1 Phase 2

Timeline for Part A Module 1 Phase 2
Timeline Part A Module 1 Phase 2
Week IV

Understanding and 
Practicing Competencies:
How Do I Communicate

Week V

How to Manage a Classroom:
How Do I Lead & Present

Week VI

Knowledge Translation:
Applying Learned Skills at Mobility Center

Week VII

Planning Ahead:
Career Development & Opportunities 


Mid Point Test (Theory-based) - Week V

Timeline for Part B Module 2

Timeline for Part B Module 2
Weeks VIII-X

Job Shadow
(min. 10 hours)

Weeks XI-XIV


Stream 1 :

Exercise Performance, Rehab, or Adapted PE

Stream 2:

Pedagogy Emphasis


Week XV Program Wrap-up


Reflection Essay (Practical application-based) - Week XV


Module 1

- 2.5- 3-hour seminars
- Hybrid (in-person and online; in-person meetings will occur on Cal State L.A.’s campus)
- In-person meetings will occur in Week 1, 6, and 7
- Times, dates, and specific classroom locations are TBD
Phase 1 – Foundational Knowledge (Weeks 1–3): 
These seminars are designed to provide a broad and deep understanding of several aspects of the self and health promotion. Upon completion of this phase, participants will be better prepared to promote healthful behavior through developing a more complete understanding of various barriers and facilitators to exercise participation, prescription, and adherence, including a more detailed understanding of how exercise affects quality of life, self-esteem, and mood, and the use of exercise as a stress management tool.  
Phase 2 – Educational Readiness (Weeks 4–7):
These seminars are designed to specifically prepare participants to lead a classroom by teaching them how to be effective instructors and mentors to both undergraduate and graduate students. Upon completion of this phase, participants will have learned how to design, structure, and integrate both personal and professional knowledge to effectively facilitate classes. 


Module 2

Who Can I Learn From?
Job Shadow (Weeks 8–10):
Upon instructor approval, participants will job shadow an in-service professional aligned to their career/educational preference for a minimum of 10 hours through structured observation. This experience aims to bridge theory and practice, and help participants gain understanding of best practices for application. 

What Will I Focus On?
Specialization (Weeks 11–14):
It is expected that each participant’s job shadow experience will progress to service delivery, as dictated by their choosing between Stream 1 (i.e., Exercise Performance, Rehab, or Adapted PE emphasis) or Stream 2 (Pedagogy emphasis). These in-person specialized activities aim to enable participants to comprehend the complexities of their career/educational interest first-hand and gain a broader understanding of its role in the larger educational/sport/exercise-industry system, etc.



Certification will require completing three evaluative components successfully: i) a written test in Week 7 (theory-based); ii) a reflection essay describing the participant’s Module 2 experience, and; iii) a one-on-one oral examination with the program director(s) assessed using a comprehensive competency checklist related specifically to each participant’s career/educational preference and program experience. Detailed rubrics will be provided at the start of the program.  



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