Staff at the Mobility Center

  • Instructors – The Mobility Center is run by faculty members in the School of Kinesiology and Nutritional Science who have expertise in education and exercise for special populations.
    • Connie Wong, PT – Professor in Kinesiology, Licensed Physical Therapist.
    • Christine Dy, Ph.D. – Professor in Kinesiology, expert in locomotor training, scientific researcher in neuromuscular physiology, activity-dependent plasticity, and cardiometabolic fitness.
    • Cheryl Simmons, Ph.D. - Professor in Kinesiology, exercise psychology, psychomotor development, therapeutic water therapy and water aerobics, and exercise with older adults.
  • Staff Trainers – Current and former students who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge, technical skill, innovation, and leadership.
  • Student Trainers – Student trainers are enrolled in courses that teach them how to work with their clients. Students are studying to receive their B.S. in Kinesiology or Exercise Science.