Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Cohort Virtual Wall


Agnes Bolt

Krakow, Poland; grew up in Philly

Previous degree(s): MFA in Fine Art from Carnegie Mellon University; BA from NYU

Previous work experience: Media-based artist, freelance photographer; adjunct art professor

Nursing Area of Interest: Healthcare reform, new technology development, psych, neuro

Five-year goal: Develop solid clinical practice, move on to policy

Favorite film: Beau Travail by Claire Denis


Jillian Brenner. (she/her/hers)

San Diego, CA

Previous degree(s): BA in Art History & French

Previous work experience: I have worked in art galleries, museums, coffee shops, and childcare. Most recently, I worked as a CNA in an SNF.

Nursing Area of Interest: Remaining open to all possibilities: Med-Surg, OR, ED, ICU, L&D, pediatrics

Five-year goal: Pursue NP and serve LGBTQIA+ community

Fun fact: I’m passionate about black & white film photography, although my practice has taken a backseat for now.


Brandi Cameron

Born in Kansas City, MO; raised in Northern & Southern California

Previous degree(s): Bachelor of Science Kinesiology, Exercise Science

Previous work experience: Massage Therapist; Director of Operations – Restaurant & Catering; Developmental Disabilities Case Manager

Nursing Area of Interest: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, & Queer Women’s Health; Trauma-Informed Healthcare & Forensic Nursing

Five-year goal: Obtain my nurse practitioner’s license; Work toward opening a clinic

Fun fact: I enjoy roller skating at skate parks, roller derby, and karate.


Courtney Carrino (Social Co-Chair)

Los Angeles, CA

Previous Degree(s): BA Art History, MA Curatorial Practice

Previous Work Experience: Commercial art galleries and non-profit art spaces, Indoor Spin Instructor, Server/Bartender, Assistant Restaurant Manager

Nursing Area of Interest: ED, Wound Care, Surgery

Five-year goal: Find my niche and specialty in my clinical nursing practice, and pursue other degrees or certifications that will benefit my future in that field.

Fun fact: Studied abroad in Italy during my BA and in Japan during my MA.


Emily Chin (Social Co-Chair)

Santa Clara, CA

Previous degree(s): B.S. in Business Administration, USC

Previous work experience: Social Services (Homelessness & Reentry)

Nursing Area of Interest: MedSurg and Psych, but TBD!

Five-year goal: Family NP... speaking it into existence


Erin Corson

Altadena, CA

Previous degree(s): B.A. in Psychology, minor in dance and movement studies

Previous work experience: various marketing internships, CNA

Nursing Area of Interest: psych or women's health

Five-year goal: to be working as an NP

Fun fact: My all-time favorite restaurant is Kazunori.


Breanna Davis

La Mirada, CA

Previous degree: BS in Psychobiology from UCLA

Previous work experience:

Project management at UCLA Health Clinical and Translational Science Institute (UCLA CTSI), where I supported faculty developing healthcare technologies.

Project Management at UCLA Anderson School of Management, where I supported the Marketing and Communications Department.

Nursing Area of Interest: Pediatrics

Five-year goal: Gain nursing experience, become a travel nurse, and start applying for NP programs.

Fun fact: I have been a camp counselor more than 16 times.


Becca Krane

Southern California and Pennsylvania

Previous degree(s): BS in Fashion Industry Management

Previous work experience: Marketing Manager for Wellness and Beauty Brands

Nursing Area of Interest: Women’s Health

Five-year goal: I hope to be in the process of obtaining my MSN in Women’s Health and partnering with a Los Angeles based clinic to realize my purpose of impacting the lives of the women who make up our diverse and beautiful community.

Fun fact: I love to roller skate, and I recently retired from playing 7-years of competitive roller derby.


Julia Lim

Korea, New Zealand, Los Angeles, CA

Previous degree(s): Integrative Biology at U.C. Berkeley

Previous work experience: Research at a Biotech company

Nursing Area of Interest: Critical Care, ICU, NICU

Five-year goal: Become a clinically more experienced nurse and attend Graduate school.

Fun fact: I used to live in New Zealand and it is still my favorite place to visit.


Irene Luna (Co-President)

Lynwood, CA

Previous degree(s): Linguistics and Psychology, UCLA

Previous work experience: Administrative/Management Assistant at three major health systems: UCLA Health, Cedars-Sinai, and Providence St. Joseph Health

Nursing Area of Interest: ED, Public Health, Trauma, Policy, Women's Health

Five-year goal: Become an FNP working with a vulnerable population

Fun fact: I can speak fluent Spanish and basic Mandarin. I also love eating potatoes in all their forms.


Chelsea Meyer

Minneapolis, MN

Previous degree: BSB Marketing, Spanish minor

Previous work experience: forensic accounting (4 years) and CNA in nursing home/hospital (2 years)

Nursing area of interest: ED, Med-Surg, L&D

Five-year goal: Work as an RN who loves her job and hopefully become a mother.

Fun fact: I sprained my wrist attempting a backflip from the monkey bars in kindergarten.


Hannan Mohammed

Anaheim, CA

Previous Degree: Arabic, Global Health minor

Previous Work Experience: Personal Care Attendant (caregiver)

Nursing Area of Interest: Women's Health/L&D/NICU

Five-year goal: Stability and consistency

Fun Fact: En route to becoming a black belt in Shotokan Karate.


Anthony Nguyen

Raleigh, NC

Previous degree(s): Biochemistry and Human Biology

Previous work experience: EMT, personal trainer (to be short aha)

Nursing Area of Interest: Psych nursing, med-surg

Five-year goal: Gain experience and knowledge of the psych nursing field to help improve the current healthcare situation of that field.

Fun fact: My favorite trip was doing a road-trip across the US on my way out here. There's so much of the US that we miss out on in flying from place to place.


Francis Parado

Los Angeles, CA

Previous degree(s): Human Biology and Society, B.S.

Previous work experience: UCLA Early Childcare and Education student-teacher; undergraduate researcher and lab assistant for molecular and medical pharmacology translational research; research associate for biofuel research, cancer therapy; Ronald Reagan Hospital Nursing Volunteer

Nursing Area of Interest: Pediatrics

Five-year goal: putting my BSN and creativity to good use in a pediatrics unit/facility

Fun fact: I own over 100 board games.


Patrick Phillips (Co-President)

Originally from Portland, OR, currently residing in Los Angeles for the past six years.

Previous degree(s): English Literature from Lewis & Clark College

Previous work experience: Touring Musician, Bartender, Server

Nursing Area of Interest: Trauma ICU, Critical Care

Five-year goal: Work at a trauma center in Downtown or East Los Angeles. Start a family. Play more music and become proficient in Spanish in a medical setting.

Fun fact: My favorite vacation was my honeymoon to Thailand with my wife, Jasmine. We ate to our heart's were content in Chiang Mai and went SCUBA diving in Koh Samui.


Antonio Porras

Redwood City, CA

Previous degree: B.S. in Biology from Loyola Marymount University

Previous work experience: Counselor for three summers at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp - a camp for children with serious illnesses and their families.

Nursing Area of Interest: Pediatrics and Health/Biomedical Informatics

Five-year goal: Gain work experience in multiple areas of care and obtain or begin working on a master’s or doctorate.

Fun fact: Favorite authors include Atul Gawande, Malcolm Gladwell, and Fr. Gregory Boyle.


Nicole Punsalang

Walnut, CA

Previous degree(s): B.S. in Biochemistry

Previous work experience: Emergency Department Scribe

Nursing Area of Interest: Critical Care or Pediatrics

Five-year goal: Become a family nurse practitioner after a few years of bedside nursing & paying off all my student loans.

Fun fact: I have never owned a pet and I've never broken a bone.


Cassidy Rosso

Encino, CA

Previous degree(s): B.S. Cell and Molecular Biology from CSUN

Previous work experience: Volleyball coach

Nursing Area of Interest: Labor and Delivery

Five-year goal: Become a Nurse Practitioner/Midwife after working as a travel nurse for a little bit

Fun fact: I beat Misty May in a beach volleyball match.


Rich Ruff

Boston, MA

Previous degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in Psycholinguistics and French, UCLA 2016

Previous work experience: EMT since 2016

Nursing Area of Interest: Pediatric oncology

Five-year goal: Get my BSN and make the world a generally better place to live in for everyone!

Fun fact: I am an avid birdwatcher. Sometimes they even watch me back.


Tiffany Sam

Inland Empire, CA

Previous degree(s): BA in Cognitive Science (UC Berkeley)

Previous work experience: ALT (JET Program), CNA

Nursing area(s) of interest: OB/GYN, Peds, Oncology

Five-year goal: To own a home and work in a nursing specialization I’m passionate about

Fun fact: One of my craziest, most whirlwind trips was zooming through six countries in Europe in just two weeks.


Linda Samano

San Fernando Valley, CA

Previous degree(s): B.A., Political Science from UC Riverside and M.P.H., Epidemiology from Cal State Northridge

Previous work experience: Infection Preventionist

Nursing Area of Interest: Pediatric Nursing, Infectious Diseases, Nursing Research, Quality Improvement

Five-year goal: In five years, I hope to have completed an advanced degree in nursing. I also see myself becoming a certified pediatric nurse.

Fun fact: I love trivia games, crossword puzzles, word searches, anything that gets my mind working.


Gurleen Sangha

Arcadia, CA

Previous degree(s): BA in Biology, Minor in Neuroscience

Previous work experience: Medical Scribe

Nursing Area of Interest: NICU, ICU, Peds, L&D

Five-year goal: To be in school to become an NP after getting a lot of great work experience as an RN

Fun fact: Fluent in Punjabi


Christine Selzer

Bethesda, Maryland

Previous degree(s): BA Economics, University of California, Santa Cruz; MPH, University of Southern California

Previous work experience: Epidemiology Analyst, LA County Department of Public Health, Acute Communicable Disease Control

Nursing Area of Interest: ER, MedSurg, Public Health

Five-year goal: ER nurse or infectious disease NP at a community clinic

Fun fact: My favorite Movie is Pretty Woman.


Alyssa Tang

South Pasadena, CA

Previous degree: BA in Molecular and Cell Biology

Previous work experience: N/A

Nursing Area of Interest: Pediatrics

Five-year goal: To be a competent nurse practicing in one of the Children's Hospital branches

Fun fact: My favorite TV show is Friends


Maya Thompson

Redondo Beach, CA

Previous degree(s): B.A. Psychology from USC with a minor in Health Care Studies from Keck USC

Previous work experience: Floral Designer, Nanny

Nursing Area of Interest: ICU

Five-year goal: To become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Fun fact: In my free time, I love reading thriller novels, hanging out with my two Australian Shepherds, cooking, and playing video games.


Kevin Tran

Long Beach, CA

Previous degree(s): B.S. Public Health Science

Previous work experience: Nursing home CNA, Home Health Aide, PACU Patient care assistant

Nursing Area of Interest: ICU nursing, CRNA

Five-year goal: Become a CRNA, purchase my first home, get at least one dog

Fun fact: Love traveling to places like Tulum, Mexico, and New York City. Enjoy watching thriller movies like Gone Girl and Shutter Island. I speak Cantonese and Tew-Chew.


Alexandra Yamada

San Ramon, CA

Previous degree(s): BS in Human Developmental Sciences from UCSD

Previous work experience: CNA

Nursing Area of Interest: L&D, NICU

Five-year goal: Find a job & location that makes me love my job!

Fun fact: I talk in my sleep a lot. (One time I gave a sleep lecture on saturated vs. unsaturated fats)

Linda Pan Yee

Los Angeles, CA

Previous degree(s): BA in History

Previous work experience: Marketing

Nursing Area of Interest: Cardiac care

Five-year goal: Complete MSN

Fun fact: Went ziplining in Costa Rica.

Ryan Jirapong

Los Angeles, CA

Previous degree(s): B.S., Aerospace Engineering

Previous work experience: System engineer at Boeing and Northrop Grumman

Nursing Area of Interest: ED, ICU

Five-year goal: To be working in a level 1 trauma ED and hopefully have a kid or two by then

Fun fact: I lived in Thailand for over ten years, and I speak fluent Thai.


Emily Cornmesser

Walnut, CA

Previous Degree: BS Kinesiology/Health Science

Previous Work Experience: Medical Assistant, High School Medical Academy Instructor

Nursing Area of Interest: Pediatrics

5 Year Goal: Become a NICU nurse and/or Nurse Practitioner

Fun Fact: I danced competitively in high school and college.