ADN-BSN Collaborative Program - ADN-BSN vs. RN-BSN

How is the ADN-BSN Collaborative Program different from the RN-BSN Program at Cal State LA?

The ADN-BSN Collaborative Program is different from the RN-BSN Program in several ways. The ADN-BSN Collaborative Program is a self-support program run through the College of Professional and Global Education. In self-support programs, student fees cover all direct and indirect expenses associated with offering classes and services. This enables the School of Nursing to significantly increase access and capacity to advance more BSN-prepared RNs into the nursing workforce. The RN-BSN Program is a state-supported program, which means that the total costs, including faculty compensation, are covered by the state general fund as well as student tuition. Please see the Cost / Financial Aid page for more information about ADN-BSN Collaborative Program tuition costs and financial aid availability.

In the ADN-BSN Collaborative Program, students begin their BSN coursework while they are still in the ADN program at one of our 13 partner community colleges. Students in the RN-BSN program must be graduated from any accredited ADN program and hold an RN license before beginning the BSN program.

The ADN-BSN Collaborative Program is a full-time, intensive BSN program that can be completed in only one additional year after graduating from the ADN program. The RN-BSN Program is a part-time program that takes 18 months to two years to complete. Students may apply to the RN-BSN Program any time after they receive their RN license.

To determine which program you may be eligible for, please review our program comparison diagram.

Please visit the RN-BSN Program website for additional information.

ADN-BSN Collaborative Program

RN-BSN Program

  • Self-supported (self-funded)
  • Partially state-supported (state-funded)
  • Students attend one of 13 community colleges partnered with Cal State LA
  • Students graduate from any accredited ADN program
  • Begin BSN program while still in ADN program
  • Must have RN license before beginning BSN program
  • Full-time program, one additional year after ADN program
  • Part-time program, two years (may apply any time after receiving RN license)