ADN-BSN Collaborative Program - BSN Courses

Which courses do ADN-BSN Collaborative students take at Cal State LA?*

BSN Courses

  • Health Assessment + Lab
  • Pathophysiology
  • Development for Professional Practice + Lab
  • Informatics/Information Literacy
  • Leadership/Care Management + Clinical
  • Introduction to Nursing Research
  • Community/Public Health + Clinical

*These courses apply to cohorts beginning Summer 2015 and later

University Requirements**

  • Directed Upper Division General Education Courses:
    • Biology of Human Aging
    • Engaged Philosophy: An Intersectional Approach
    • Race, Gender, and Poverty in the US
  • Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE)

**Students with a previous bachelor’s degree may not need to take these courses

Additional courses may be required to meet the Cal State LA residency or bachelor’s degree unit requirements:

  • Capstone clinical or independent study project
  • Programs and Policies Related to the Elderly