ADN-BSN Collaborative Program - How to Apply

How to Apply

The ADN-BSN Collaborative Program application is a two-step process.

Step 1: Apply at your community college

Students in their first or second semester of the ADN program during the Fall semester are eligible to apply to the ADN-BSN Collaborative Program through their community college nursing program.

Each of the 13 community college partner schools evaluates and selects the students they will send forward to Cal State LA to be part of the ADN-BSN Collaborative Program. Each college identifies qualified selected and alternate students. The number of students from each college may vary.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the ADN-BSN Collaborative Program, please let your community college nursing counselor and/or director know. They will let you know what the specific application process is at your college. While each community college may have a different application process, all students must meet the same Cal State LA eligibility requirements (see the Program Information page for more information regarding specific program eligibility requirements).

Once all 13 community colleges have submitted their lists of accepted students, the Cal State LA ADN-BSN Collaborative Program Office will compile them into the final list of 80 accepted students; all remaining alternate students will be compiled into a single list as well. If any selected students withdraw from the program prior to the beginning of Summer 1, Cal State LA will fill the vacant space with the next student from the alternate list (ranked by GPAs and number of outstanding prerequisite courses remaining). 

Step 2: Apply to Cal State LA

Students who have been admitted into the ADN-BSN Collaborative Program will be notified when to apply to Cal State LA through the Cal State Apply website for formal enrollment. The ADN-BSN Collaborative Program has a special time window for students to apply to CSU Mentor after students have completed Summer 1. Additional information about this application process and timeline will be provided to each cohort individually.