Nutrional Science Student Learning Outcomes

BS Nutritional Science


1. Locate, evaluate, and critically appraise nutrition information utilizing information technology.
2. Provide culturally competent nutrition counseling and education to individuals, groups, and communities using a variety of communication strategies.
3. Demonstrate critical thinking skills to identify and solve problems in the nutritional sciences.
4. Review policy and advocate for improving access to healthy foods and nutrition services. 
5. Develop an interest in and commitment to lifelong service.


MS Nutritional Science


Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) (MS):
To prepare students to be competent entry-level dietitians and/or food/nutrition or health related professionals.
Coordinated Dietetics Program (CDP) (MS):
To prepare students to be competent entry-level dietitians.
Both Programs (MS):
The program will prepare students to interact in a culturally diverse community setting
MS Learning Outcomes:
1. Exhibit critical thinking by performing a thorough review of nutrition-related scientific literature using library resources, evidence-based guidelines, systematic reviews and other peer-reviewed material and analyze this material for scientific merit. 
2. Demonstrate strong oral communication skills through completion of a thoroughly researched presentation.
3. Translate knowledge and skills from Nutritional Sciences competencies to nutrition research or evidence-based clinical practice.
4. Exhibit ethical conduct, leadership, and a commitment to lifelong service.
5. Prepare a well-written and structured comprehensive exam, thesis or project that involves a comprehensive written evaluation of the existing literature about a nutrition topic.