MSW - GPA Computation Guidelines

To complete your application, compute the following estimated grade point average (GPA). Please follow directions and compute GPA carefully. Results will be cross-checked with your official transcripts by the Office of Admissions and University Outreach.


  1. Review all transcripts:
  1. Exclude NP (No Pass) and NC (No Credit) grades/units if not included in your school’s GPA calculation.
  2. Delete first attempt of repeated course if not included in your school’s GPA calculation. Delete W (Withdraw) grades/units. Include CR (Credit) or P (Pass) grades/units in determining the 90 quarter unit cut-off, but DO NOT include the units in the GPA calculation.


  1. Beginning with your most recent term, count backward until you have 90 quarter units.*  You may have had coursework that counts toward the 90 quarter unit cut-off completed between a mix of colleges (i.e. some courses from a college using the semester system and courses from a college using the quarter system). In such cases, it is easier to calculate your GPA by converting all the semester points to quarter points. However, if most of your coursework is based on the semester system and you only have a few classes completed in a quarter system, then it would be easier for you to convert those few classes to semester units.  If this is the case, you would go back 60 semester units to calculate your GPA.  In addition, for establishing the cut-off, you may find that 90 quarter units place you in the middle of a term.  If this is the case, you will need to include the entire term in your calculation.


  1. Count total grade points according to the chart below:

A    =    4.0 grade points per unit

A-    =    3.7 grade points per unit

B+   =  3.3 grade points per unit                                                                                      

B     =  3.0 grade points per unit                                                                                                

B-    =   2.7 grade points per unit

C+   =  2.3 grade points per unit

C     =  2.0 grade points per unit

C-    =   1.7 grade points per unit

D+  =    1.3 grade points per unit

D    =   1.0 grade points per unit

D-  =    0.7 grade points per unit

F     =               0.0 grade points per unit

Example, for a B+ in SW391 at CSULA at 4.0 quarter units=3.3 x 4 =13.2 total grade points in quarter units for SW391.


  1. Divide total grade points by total units attempted, less P and/or CR units.    Grade points divided by units = GPA

Example, if you had 291.0 total grade points divided by 97 total units, your GPA would be 3.0.  However, you might have had 4 CR units so you need to deduct that from the 97 total units, which makes it 93 total units.  Thus, your formula would be 291.0 divided by 93 total quarter units which makes your GPA 3.13.


*To convert semester units/grade points to quarter units/grade points, multiply semester units by 1.5.  For example, 3 semester units = 4.5 quarter units (1 semester unit = 1.5 quarter units; 60 semester units = 90 quarter units).  Thus, an A- (3.7) in Psych354 at CSULB (a semester system) at 3.0 semester units would convert to 3.7 grade points x 4.5 quarter units (since 3 semester units = 4.5 quarter units) = 16.65 total grade points in quarter units for Psych354.