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Student Groups and Organizations

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Association of Student Social Workers (ASSW)

  1. To promote Social Work as a profession.
  2. To foster support for and among Social Work students at CSULA.
  3. To be a forum for and offer solutions to grievances of students and association members.
  4. To assist students of Social Work in communication and connecting with faculty members regarding academics, personal and advisement needs.
  5. To provide members and Social Work majors with experience in-group relations and organizational/representational skills.
  6. To provide students the opportunity to network with one another and enhance their professional and academic life.
  7. To provide extracurricular activities for Social Work students.
  8. To unite students and communities.
  9. To accomplish a successful graduation celebration for our students.

 *For more information on ASSW and for the meeting times, visit us at:!/csula.assw or

Lobby Days Caucus

The mission of Lobby Days Caucus is to develop students' understanding of social work and advocacy to promote change for the betterment of individuals, social work students, and the community surrounding social work and served by social workers. Our vision is to advocate for policies supportive of the best interests of Master of Social Work students at California State University, Los Angeles, and offer students opportunities to voice their opinions, hear others' opinions, and form alliances with other Master's students.

CSULA Lobby Days Caucus provides organization, fundraising, and advertising at the University for the NASW Annual Lobby Days event in Sacramento. Overall, our goal is to assist students in experiencing the realms of advocacy at a community level and become aware of issues that may affect our clients either presently or in the future.

All students are welcome to join the organization at no cost and can contact us via email at , or find us on Facebook at:
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Masters of Social Work Student Organization (MSWSO)

The purpose(s) of this organization shall be to support the highest standards of competency and professionalism in the Master of Social Work Degree Program. To accomplish this objective, the organization will seek to:

  1. Promote and support the interests of Professional Social Workers at California State University, Los Angeles.
  2. Assist in the retention of Master of Social Work students throughout their program by offering mentoring, research opportunities, and community involvement to further their development.
  3. Advocate for policies supportive of the best interests of Mast of Social Work students at California State University, Los Angeles.
  4. To offer students opportunities to voice their opinions, hear others' opinions, and form alliances with other Master's students.
  5. To promote participation in discussing pertinent issues relating to one’s education, practice, and personal experiences.

Please forward all inquiries to or visit the Facebook page.

MSW United

The goals of MSW United are:

  1. To organize the MSW Three-Year program cohort as a cohesive student organization with the mission to create opportunities that enhance the MSW program experience and allow for opportunities as an organized group to provide campus, cohort, and community outreach.
  2. To advocate for and obtain additional resources for the two and three-year MSW program students to enable a more enriching MSW program experience and provide opportunities for well-rounded learning.
  3. To establish a forum and organization which unites and organizes the communication and planning between the two-year and three-year MSW programs as well as strengthen the presence of MSW students on campus.

The intended impact of the MSW United organization on the university community is to: Provide support for MSW program students; provide opportunities for learning, networking, and advocacy on issues related to social work, mental health, and wellness for all CSULA students and faculty. Services to be included include social work-related speaking events, fundraisers, networking events, recreational events, and providing support, guidance, and advocacy for MSW program students.

For more information, please email