Honors Thesis Library

The Honors College Thesis Library

The Honors College Academic Plan culminates in the thesis, a required advanced research or creative project completed either in the student's undergraduate degree program or in the Honors College. Students undertake the Honors Thesis during their undergraduate senior year, with preparation work starting the beginning of their junior year. Students present their work in the HNRS 4970 course through an oral defense and at the Cal State LA Honors Symposium at the end of the academic year, as well as generate a written thesis.

Below are the abstracts for thesis projects produced by each graduating class; on the table of contents, click on a name to be taken to that student's abstract page: 

2013-2014 Thesis Abstracts (PDF)

2014-2015 Thesis Abstracts (PDF)

2015-2016 Thesis Abstracts (PDF)

2016-2017 Thesis Abstracts (PDF)

2017-2018 Thesis Abstracts (Pending)

2018-2019 Thesis Abstracts (Pending)

2019-2020 Thesis Abstracts (Pending)