Rates & Dates

Below you'll find details about our payment fees, schedules and plans as well as about rates, dates and how to pay online.

Information about the 2018–2019 academic year payment fees and schedules is coming soon.

Payment Fees

Information about the 2018–2019 payment fees is coming soon.

In order to to be given a housing assignment, you must complete your 2017-2018 License Agreement (housing contract), have a tuberculosis clearance, and pay an initial payment of $140 and the first payment. (Depending on how late you apply, however, you may need to make more than just initial and first payments. See "payment schedules" below.) The amount of your first housing payment will be based on the payment plan you select (see "payment plans" below).

The initial payment includes a non-refundable $40 application fee and a $100 security deposit, which may be refunded to you when you check out depending on the condition of your room. Also, a $30 program fee is added for the academic year ($15 per semester). We use program fees for community programming, recreation equipment and social events.

Payments received after the due date will be charged a $20 late fee.

Payment Plans

Students can choose from four payment plans to pay for housing and a meal plan. As part of your License Agreement, you'll be asked to select one of the following plans:


This plan allows students to make their payments once each semester, for a total of two payments for the academic year. (Due in July and November.)


This plan is for students who would prefer to make their payments twice each semester, for a total of four payments each academic year. Please follow the payment schedule that outlines the payment due dates. (Fall semester payments are due in July and August; spring semester payments are due in November and January.)

Payment Schedules

Information about the 2018–2019 academic year payment schedules is coming soon.

Select the payment schedule below that applies to the housing area where you'd like to live (Phase I, Phase II or Golden Eagle Apartments). When reading the schedule, take into account the following:

1. Room Type (Number of occupants)
2. Housing Only or Housing and a Meal Plan (10, 12 or 17 meals per week)
3. Payment Plan (Amounts and due dates apply for the entirety of of the License Agreement)

New Residents

Returning Residents


The rates in the tables below are for the 2017–2018 school year. We anticipate our 2018–2019 housing fees will increase both for rent and meal plans. There is an estimated rate increase of 10% for room rent and an estimated 5% increase for meal plans. The 2018–2019 costs and payment schedules will be available soon.

Room in Phase I or Phase II

Academic Year*

Single** (one person per bedroom in a two- or four-bedroom apartment with a furnished dining room, living room and kitchen)


Double (two people per bedroom in a two- or four-bedroom apartment with a furnished dining room, living room and kitchen)


Triple (three people in a two- or four-bedroom apartment with a furnished dining room, living room and kitchen)


*An academic year includes the fall and spring semesters only; it does not include summer.

**Single rooms are considered on a case by case basis and are not guaranteed.

Room in Golden Eagle Apartments

(For Upper-division and Graduate Students)

Academic Year

Single (one person per bedroom in a two-bedroom apartment with a living room)


Suite Single (one person per bedroom in a three-bedroom apartment without a living room)


Double Bedroom (two people per bedroom in a one-bedroom apartment without a living room)



Meal Plan

Academic Year

17 Meal Plan (recommended for first-year students)


12 Meal Plan


10 Meal Plan



The 2017-2018 License Agreement is valid from August 18, 2017, to May 19, 2018.

Information about the 2018–2018 License Agreement will be posted soon.

Application Dates for a Room

Current Cal State LA Students and Returning Residents: We welcome you to apply online now for the spring 2018 semester and starting January 12 for the 2018–2019 school year. If you're a current Cal State LA student, visit the Housing Selection Process page to find out more. The deadline to participate is March 2, so don't delay!

Application Dates for a Meal Plan

New and Returning Residents: Select a Meal Plan when applying on the Housing Portal. Up to 30 days before you move in, you can change the number of meals on your plan by emailing Housing and Residence Life at askhousing@calstatela.edu. Please note that once the semester starts, you may only increase the number of meals. To decrease or cancel, see the cancellation policy in the License Agreement.

Payment Dates

See also "Payment Schedule" above for both room and board.

Important Dates: Fall Semester 2017

April 10 Returning Residents: Housing payment due for fall semester
July 10 New Residents: Housing payment due for fall semester
July 10 Returning Residents: Second housing payment due
August 17 University Convocation; Fall semester begins
August 18 Move-in Day for returning residents
August 19 Move-in Day for new and transfer students
August 21 Fall classes begin
August 21 New and Returning Residents: Housing payment due
September 4 Labor Day; University closed
November 10 Veterans Day; University Day
November 22 Finals Study Day; No classes
November 23-26 Thanksgiving Holiday; University closed
December 5-9 Final Examinations
December 15 Fall Semester ends

Important Dates: Winter Intersession 2018

January 2 Winter Intersession begins
January 15 Martin Luther King's Day; University closed
January 20 Winter Intersession ends

Important Dates: Spring Semester 2018

November 13, 2017 New and Returning Residents: Housing payment due for spring semester
January 22 Spring Semester begins
January 22 New and Returning Residents: Payment due for spring semester
March 26-April 1 Spring Break
March 30 Cesar Chavez Day; University closed
May 12 Spring classes end
May 14 Finals Study Day; No classes
May 15-19 Final exams
May 19 Move-out day for all residents
May 21-23 University Commencements
May 25 Spring semester ends
May 28 Memorial Day; University closed

Payment Methods and How to Pay Online


You can pay online by credit card, debit card or e-check on CASHNet Smartpay. For a step-by-step on how to pay online, check out How to Pay Your Housing Statement Online. For questions regarding billing or CASHNet Smartpay, please contact the Cashier’s Office at (323) 343-3630.

Parents Paying Online

According to CASHNet Smartpay, a student may create a Parent PIN to allow parents, guardians and other authorized users to access their account information. A Parent PIN must be created by the student before it can be used. The student can follow these steps to create a Parent PIN:

  1. Click on "Your Account," located in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Click on "Add New," located in the box labeled "Parent PINs."
  3. In the Parent PIN field, enter the Login Name you wish to assign to the Parent PIN user.
  4. Enter the Parent PIN user’s email address.
  5. Add an optional note to the welcome email that will be sent to the Parent PIN user.
  6. Select the Parent PIN user’s permission level.
  7. Click on the OK button.

A welcome email will be sent to the Parent PIN user’s email address. The email will contain the optional note, login information and temporary password.


If you plan to pay with cash, make sure your HOU charges are posted to your GET account before you go to the Cashier’s Office. If you do not see your Housing charges, please go to the Office of Housing and Residence Life to obtain an invoice. The invoice assures that your payment will be applied for housing and meal plan charges. With the invoice, please go to the university Cashier’s office to make your payment. You will be provided a receipt. Please include a copy of your receipt when you submit your application materials to the Housing Office.

Money Order, Personal Check or Cashier's Check (Endorsed by a US Bank Only) 

Make checks payable to: Cal State LA - Housing and Residence Life. Write the following on the money order, or personal or cashier's check: "Housing," the student’s name, their CIN and the term for which you want the payment applied (fall or spring).

Mail or hand-deliver it to:

Cal State LA Cashier’s Office
5151 State University Drive, ADM 128
Los Angeles, CA 90032

International Students

International payments (wire transfers and credit cards) can be made through Flywire.