How-to Use Classroom-usage-dashboard


Class-room-usage dashboard is an on-demand tool to lookup availability of classrooms as well as other pertinent information


  1. Open any browser and input

Classroom Usage Dashboard

  1. On Building, Room Number, and Meeting Pattern, deselect  (All) and select the target classroom and day of the week.

Selection list

Note: the example here is for Lecture Hall 1 in King Hall on a Wednesday.    You must select all instances of  "W" to get a clear chart of usage on a Wednesday.  This selection process applies to all days: M,T,W,R,F,S.

  1. From the resultant chart you can find gaps in the room schedule.   In this case there are only 10 minute gaps during Wednesdays.  Less popular rooms may have much longer gaps.

Resultant chart for LH1 in KH for a Wednesday.