Report Damage, Loss, Theft, and Security Breaches

SecurityTip: Immediately report a lost, stolen, or compromised laptop, tablet, smartphone or electronic storage device.

  1. Immediately report the loss or theft of a device containing university information, especially if that information is classified as confidential, personal, and/or proprietary. All State owned equipment that is lost or stolen must also be report to University Police at 323-343-3700.
  2. Immediately complete the Lost or Stolen Computer or Electronic Storage Device Report form and submit it to IT Security and Compliance at the ITS Help Desk (LIB PW 1070), or e-mail an electronic copy to
  3. If a lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised device contains unencrypted confidential information, the responsibility for notifying victims under SB 1386 resides with the department or division where the security breach occurred. [See User Guidelines for Reporting a Lost or Stolen Computer or Electronic Storage Device.]

Other Security Tips

Select the links below for tips on securing your devices.

  1. Implement Security Measures on Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones
  2. Safeguard Laptop and Tablet Contents
  3. Secure the Wireless Laptop or Tablet Connection
  4. Physically Safeguard the Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone
  5. Secure the Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone When Traveling

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