New Phone Service

ITS Telecommunications will help departments set up new telecommunication services for any incoming employees. New services can include the following:

  • Purchasing, installing or upgrading telephone sets
  • Installing alarm/fax lines
  • Creating new extensions
  • Installing voice mailboxes
  • Purchasing additional telephone or network cables

Request New Service

Need to modify an existing service? Would you like to request a quote for remodeling work or have a special request?

Phone Sets

Single Line Telephone  Multi-line Telephones

Meridian Astra M8004

Meridian Aastra N8004 Telephone

State purchase price: $65.00 (One-time)

UAS/Special Billing: $11.00 (Monthly)

Meridian M3903

Meridian M3903 Telephone

State purchase price: $325.00 (One-time)

UAS/Special Billing: $15.00 (Monthly)

iMeridian M3904

Meridian M3904 Telephone

State purchase price: $400.00 (One-time)

UAS/Special Billing: $30.00 (Monthly)

Voice Mail

Voice mailboxes are not included with each phone extension. Please indicate on the form if you would like a voicemail attached to your phone line.

Voice Mail Price
Single mailbox $100.00 one-time charge
Split mailbox $200.00 one-time charge


Cables, Connections and Lines

These cables may be purchased by the department desperately as needed. All necessary cables are provided upon initial installation of a telephone set.

Cabling Price
All voice/alarm/fax/modem or data cables $10.00 each one time charge