How-To Delete Old AD Login Credentials from Mac OS X Keychains

The following procedure deletes old AD login keychains which may be interferring with your logging into the wired network on a Mac:


  1. Launch  this application  → Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access.  Select login keychain with the Passwords category.

keychain menu page

  1. Double click  the keychain entry (example: CSLA-ENCRYPTED) then check the Show Password box on the popup to verify if this is the current password.

keychain popup show password

  1. If old password, right-click or <Control>+click and select Delete (example: CSLA-ENCRYPTED).

Keychain delete

  1. Repeat this process for all other login credentials.  Then do the same with the Local Items keychains (these were saved via Safari).

local items keychain display