CSU-Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we take the software home for personal use?
    • Yes. Faculty & staff may purchase software license for home use, but first they must have a copy of the desired software on their office computer before installing it on a home computer.
    • Non-exempt employees can purchase the software, but under the compensation guideline, must obtain supervisory approval before performing any work at home that would be submitted as overtime.
  • Where do I go to purchase the software for home use?
    • Software license and download for selected titles are available at the Kivuto site at
  • Does this agreement mean we can’t use other types of software from other companies?
    • Absolutely not. The agreement does not prevent Cal State L.A. users from using other software; students, faculty, and staff have the option to use any software they choose. This agreement simply makes it easier and more affordable to obtain commonly used Microsoft products for those who prefer to do so.
  • What are the eligibility requirements under which faculty & staff may take home software?
    • Current part- or full-time faculty and staff must be state employees receiving state payroll checks. They must also use a computer as part of their work duties.
  • Is technical support included?
  • What is "Product Activation" and why does the Microsoft Work at Home software require it?
    • Product Activation is being included to reduce a form of piracy known as “casual copying”. Product Activation discourages piracy by limiting the number of times a product key can be activated on different computers.  The application will work for a limited number of launches (grace period) without activation, but will not function properly once the maximum limit is reached.
  • How many computers can I install the Work at Home software on?
    • Microsoft software can be installed on only one computer - a desktop or portable laptop.
  • Does the Campus Agreement cover computers owned by Auxiliaries or the Auxiliary staff members?
    • Yes. The WAH software license now covers Auxiliary staff members.
  • Are MS-Project and MS-Visio included in the new agreement?
    • No, they are not licensed under the Campus Agreement.
  • If we purchase the software and cannot use it, can we resell it or give the software we've obtained under this agreement to someone else?
    • No. Neither the software nor any license may be resold. The licenses are not transferable to another person.
  • What if a faculty or staff member leaves the CSU?
    • Because the faculty and staff home use is tied to use at work, faculty and staff will not have rights to use the software after they terminate employment with the CSU.