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What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a powerful digital writing tool using artificial intelligence and natural language processing to offer grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection services along with suggestions about writing clarity, concision, vocabulary, delivery style, and tone.  

What is Grammarly@edu?

Grammarly@edu is the premium version of Grammarly. It includes all these Grammarly Products

Who is eligible to get this software?

Current active student, faculty and staff.

How do I sign up?

Create an account using your MyCalStateLA ID account ( but DO NOT USE your campus password at Grammarly. You will receive an email to confirm your Grammarly registration. Your account will be active after the registration.

Are there any system requirements I need to consider?

How many devices can I use Grammarly on?

Each user can use up to five different devices. To access Grammarly on a new device - click here

Do I need an access code to use the premium features?

There is no access code needed for Grammarly@edu. If you are prompted to enter an access code, most likely you signed up for a free Grammarly account before. You will need to convert your free account into a Grammarly@edu account - click here

How do I change my free Grammarly account to the campus Grammarly@edu account?

To change your free account you signed up using MyCalStateLA ID account into a Grammarly@edu account - click here

Where do I find the Grammarly Handbook?

How do I contact Grammarly Support?