Personal Telephone Calls

Telephones are provided for conducting University business. The University formulates and adopts policies to control the use of telephones for personal calls. University policy is consistent with statewide prohibitions and considerations.

General Information

Personal long distance calls may not be made from University telephones. Callers should make arrangements with the long distance operator to bill the caller's residential telephone or to place a "collect" call, billing the called party.

Long distance, in addition to its usual meaning, includes calls to one or more message units. All calls originating from the campus are billed as zone 1, 2, or 3 message unit calls. The University is charged for all calls placed from the campus, including calls to Information.

If a personal call must be placed from a University telephone, a check can be written for the amount of the call and submitted to the ITS Help Desk in LIB PW 1070. The department will receive a credit for the call cost the following month.

Dialing Restrictions

The calling area access level is determined by a "class of service" (COS) code programmed on each campus telephone set. The COS is selected and approved by the dean, chair, manager or vice president of each department or division. Campus callers should see the department representative for their area if there are questions concerning the assigned class of service.

Five classes of service are currently available, each offering a greater degree of unrestricted access for outgoing calls. The five classes of service include:

  • COS 0 - Restricted to On-campus Calls Only
    Calls can be placed to and received from other campus telephones only.
  • COS 1 - Restricted to Local Calls Only
    Outward calls are limited to 213, 310, 323, 562, 626, 818, 800, 411, 911 and 555.
  • COS 2 - Restricted to California Only
    Calls can be placed anywhere within California, 800 and 555.
  • COS 4 - Restricted to Domestic Calls Only
    Calls can be placed within the continental United States.
  • COS 5 - Unrestricted
    Calls can be placed anywhere in the world.