Breaking Free: Recreating Your Library Web Site From A-Z


Experience the process of a complete library web site redesign project. Librarians from California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), Toronto Public Library (TPL), and the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point (UWSP) will lead attendees through the process of conducting usability studies; analyzing web usage statistics; testing ADA compliance; examining web site architecture; exploring principles of web design; using JavaScript and dynamic web design; and much more. Join them for an intensive exploration into the recreation of a library web site.


  • Find out how to apply user-centered web design principles
  • Identify major approaches of redesigning a web site that specifically apply to online resource access and service needs.
  • Master ways to conduct a usability study and accessibility assessment, and analyze data collected from usage statistics.
  • Obtain tips for creating an accessible and ADA compliant web site.
  • Find out how to utilize dynamic web design to maintain a variety of digital and print resources.


  • Library Web Redesign Project - University Library, California State University,
    Los Angeles
  • Web Redesign Project - Toronto Public Library
  • SmallbizXpress Gateway on the Virtual Reference Library - Toronto Public


Toronto Public Library
Franca Pernatozzi,
Project Manager, ecentricarts Inc.

Andrew Lofft
Electronic Services Coordinator /
Andrew Lofft has been Electronic Service Specialist for Toronto Public Library since the library's amalgamation in 1998. He started his career with the former North York Public Library as a science reference librarian and then was Electronic Resources librarian from 1994-97. Since 1989 Andrew has helped to launch many electronic services from CD-ROM to OPACs to websites and licensed databases, and is grateful to have missed card catalogues.

Catherine Mill
VRL/Electronic Services Coordinator
Catherine Mill is the VRL/Electronic Services Coordinator with the Virtual Reference Library at Toronto Public Library. She also worked as the Project Coordinator for the Career Bookmarks Gateway on the Virtual Reference Library and as a business librarian at the Toronto Reference Library.

Margaret Wigglesworth
SmallbizXpress Gateway Coordinator
Margaret Wigglesworth is the current Coordinator of the SmallbizXpress Gateway, and a business librarian at the Toronto Reference Library.

University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
Axel Schmetzke
Reference, Coordinator of Instruction, Head of IMC
Axel Schmetzke works as a reference and bibliographic instruction librarian at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. During the past five years, his research focused on the accessibility of the educational online environment for all people. He has published several articles and given numerous conference presentations on this subject. He is the guest-editor of two recent special-theme issues in Library Hi Tech on the accessibility of online library resources, and he moderates the AXSLIB-L discussion forum.

California State University, Los Angeles
Scott Breivold
Media, Communications, & Arts Librarian
In addition to running the library's newly created "Music & Media Center," Scott is the liaison to the departments of Art, Communication Studies, Music, and Theatre Arts & Dance. As a member of the Library's Web Team, he served as leader of the design sub-group for the team's recent Library web redesign project.

Chad Kahl coordinated the usability testing component of the Library's web redesign project. He is the Coordinator of Information Literacy at California State University, Los Angeles. He acts as the liaison librarian to the political science department and the introductory writing program. He is professionally active in the Instruction Section of ACRL and the Southern California Instruction Librarians (sCIL) CARL interest group.

Romelia Salinas led the "structure subgroup" responsible for site content restructuring and development as part of the Library's web redesign project. She is currently the Social Sciences Librarian at California State University, Los Angeles and is an active member of the Library's Web Team. She received her MLIS from UCLA in 1994 and has recently returned to UCLA to pursue a doctorate in Information Studies.

Stephen Sottong is the Engineering, Technology, Computer Science and Psychology librarian at California State University, Los Angeles. Prior to becoming a librarian he was an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry. In addition to writing on Web page design, he has written extensively on the technical difficulties associated with e-books.

Holly Yu is the University Library's Web Administrator, reference librarian, and liaison librarian to the departments of History, and Geography and Urban Analysis. She coordinated the Library web redesign project. She recently published an article on ADA issues in Library Hi Tech, and a book chapter on the similar issues in Design and Implementation of Web-Enabled Teaching Tools.

Program Contact: Holly Yu

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