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LIBR 250 Registration Now Open!

Looking for a 2 Credit Course for Fall Quarter 2010?

Recently transferred to Cal State LA and feel overwhelmed using the library?

Don't know much about research and want to master the critical research skills required for success at Cal State LA?

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LIBR 250   (Intermediate Information Literacy and Library Research Skills)
(2 credits)

Thursdays 1:30-3:10       Fall Qtr 2010
Library North, Room 1033A
Instructor: Michael Germano

Thursdays 4:20-6:00 pm       Fall Qtr 2010
Library North, Room 1033A
Instructor: Catherine Haras

A practical and theoretical course offering students a framework for how information and knowledge is produced in society and organized by libraries and indexing systems. Designed to give students the technological skills and critical thinking abilities needed to access and use the printed and electronic information resources found in libraries and on the Internet; develop strategies for finding, evaluating, synthesizing and managing information. Graded ABC/NC