Ask Now: Browser Requirements

     browser requirements

Minimum Requirements

28K or better Internet connection. It could take 15 seconds for a response depending on your setup.

Microsoft Internet Explorer browser is preferred. You may also use Netscape 6.01 or below. Netscape 7.0 and above will not work!!
Enable "session cookies" in your browser.

Don't Disconnect Accidentally

Do not use your browser toolbar to navigate or change the address bar or you will disconnect from your session. During your session only browse within the AskNow frame.

It Just Won't Work!

Mozilla, AOL browsers and WebTV are not supported.
MAC users - we can send you web pages but not actually escort you through them.
Firewalls - these may have to be disabled to successfully chat with a librarian. Click here to learn how to configure your firewall to allow communication with a librarian.

When All Else Fails

Don't bookmark or print during the session. You will receive all session information in a transcript after you exit if you provided a email address.
If you must open a second browser window during the session use the "Start" menu or "taskbar" shortcut. DO NOT use Ctrl "N" or File "new" or your session will crash.

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