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Hours  Personnel (Database generated) Jobs 
Maps & Floor Plans Library Regulations
  • Loan and Fee Policies
  • Code of Conduct 
  • Library Workstations 
  • Study Areas
  • Mutual Use Borrowing
  • Code of Ethics
Support the Library
  • Friends Organization
  • Gifts and Donations
Collections (NEW) Mutual Use Network

Goals, Mission, and Vision


Interlibrary Loan Checking Out Books, etc.
  • Renew Books 
  • Loan periods 
  • Holds
  • Check Record (?)
  • Email Notices
Ask a Question? (Also under Research & Help?) (Remove?)
Faculty Support Library Service A-Z Service Desks (NEW--places users can go for help/service)
Library Tours & Workshops
  • Database Workshop schedule
  • Thesis
  • Tours
Services for Non-csula Users (New) LACHSA Student Services (New)
ADA Student Services    

   RESEARCH (Search Tools)

Finding Books, etc.

  • Library Catalog
  • Pharos-CSU-wide Catalog
  • Area Library Catalogs
Finding Articles
  • Databases
Writing Your Paper
Finding Internet Resources
  • Internet Search Engines
  • Recommended Web Sites
Finding Everything (?)


Ask a Question? (Also under Services & Help)

HELP with Research 

Style Guides
  • AAA

  • APA

  • ASA

  • MLA

  • Chicago

  • Turabian

  • Other/Additional ?

  • Endnotes

Researching Topics



Learn Library Research Skills

  • Tours

    -Library walking tour

  • Workshops

    -Database workshops

    -Thesis workshops

  • Classes

    -Library 150

    -Course integrated instruction

  • Commonly Used Library Terms

  • Library Maps/Finding 

  • Information Competence (?)



Database Guides Ask a Question? (Also under Services & Research)



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