IRIG Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2004 Mid-Winter, San Diego

    • Time: Saturday, Jan. 10,
    • Location: San Diego Convention Center, Rm. A26
    • Agenda:
      1. Brief overview of what has been done as a group for the past two years
      2. Brief introduction to the IG's 2004 program
      3. Possible conference topics for 2005 conference: what should we be focusing on?
      4. Communication channel--a listserv or group emails
      5. Creating a web site for IG
      • IRIG mission statement/philosophy
      • IG officers and membership
      • Governance and procedural matter
      • Programs and program reports
      • Meeting agenda and minutes
      • Site design issues: host, domain name, look and feel, etc...

Jan. 10, 2004
, San Diego Convention Center Rm. A26

Holly Yu, current chair of the Interest Group ), welcomed everyone to the meeting The meeting started with member introduction.

1. Overview of Programs sponsored in past two years

Holly Yu provided a brief overview of what has been done as a group for the past two years. During the past two years, the Internet Resources Interest Group sponsored the following three conference programs.

  • Panel Presentation: Keeping up AppearancesÂ…How We Reinvented Our Library Website for the 21st. Century at ALA Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA, June 2002. Speakers: Scott Breivold, Chad Kahl, Stephen Sottong, and Holly Yu from the University Library, California State University, Los Angeles

    PowerPoint Presentation

  • Joint Pre-Conference: Breaking Free: Recreating Your Library Web Site from A-Z at the Joint ALA/CLA Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada, June 2003

    Program and Speakers Information

    Materials and Handouts

    Program report available in Library Hi Tech News, vol 20, no. 8, 2003

    ·  Panel Presentation: Optimal Design Considerations for Web OPAC Interfaces at the Joint ALA/CLA Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada, June 2003

    Program and Speakers Information

    PowerPoint Presentation

    Program report available in Library Hi Tech News, vol 20, no.8, 2003

    2. IGÂ’s 2004 Program
    Laura Cohen reported the progress of the program preparation for Orlando conference.

    The topic of the program is Content Management System for Library Sites

    Description: Content management ensures a consistent level of professionalism on large and complex library Web sites. Learn how two libraries have taken different approaches to manage the Web development process and the in-house solutions they have implemented. This two-hour program is followed by the Internet Resources Interest Group meeting.

    Speakers from SUNY Albany Libraries and Indiana University Bloomington Libraries:

    Laura B. Cohen, Network Services Librarian/Webmaster, SUNY Albany

    Matthew M. Calsada, Database Administrator/Developer, SUNY Albany

    Frederick J. Jeziorkowski, Network Manager/Systems Administrator, SUNY Albany

    Diane Dallis, Information Common-Undergraduate Services, Indiana University, Bloomington

    Doug Ryner, Library Information Technology, Indiana University, Bloomington

    3. Possible topics for 2005 Conference

    Access to the Web largely depends on search engines. Possible topics may focus on search engines:

    q       Google is challenging us

    q       E-Resources management

    q       Impact of search engines on user searching behavior in using catalog/databases

    q       What type of education are we providing for our users

    q   Building better systems so no need for user education

    q       Managing vendor URLs and how libraries are doing this

    4. Communication Channel

    The group decided to use listserv. Other options including blog, RSS feed, were also discussed. Laura Cohen of SUNY Albany volunteered to host the listserv for the group if ALA can’t host. Holly contacted Rob Carlson of LITA regarding setting up a listserv for the group on ALA server, and a list for the IG has been set up on ALA’s server. The list name is “lita-irig”. To subscribe, please follow the instruction on LITA’s web site at, and replace the list name “lita-l” with “lita-irig” when you use the instruction.

    5. IG Web Site

    The group agreed on the following content for the IGÂ’s initial web site:

    q     IRIG mission statement/philosophy

    q      Governance and procedural matter

    q      Programs and program reports

    q    Meeting agenda and minutes

     Site design issues: The site will be hosted on ALAÂ’s web server. The design will be consistent with other LITA pages.

    The IGÂ’s current page and all future IG content will be available at