PC: File Transfer With WS_FTP

Update Web Pages

Download your files from Web Server to your local drive (using D drive)

d: \InetPub\WWWroot
              You need to use FTP to download your files from Web Server

Step1.  Setting up WS-FTP Profile

1. Launch WS_FTP
  • Click Start---Programs---Telnet & FTP---WS_FTP (client)---Home Directory
  • The first windows that you should see is the "Session Properties" window:

                You need to set up your FTP Properties before you can use it. 

                Remember: you only need to set up this once. 


2. Fill out Session Properties
        Once you have launched WS-FTP you will fill out the appropriate login information in the "Session Properties" window to connect to the Web server.  In this example we want to connect to Sol.

Under the General tab, fill in the following information:

    Profile Name Enter a Profile Name to describe the site where you will be downloading and uploading files. This name can be anything that is meaningful to you. e.g. LWeb, Library Web. 
    Host Name/Address This field is very important. You must give it the exact Web server location. For Sol it is sol.calstatela.edu
    Host Type This field should be left in Automatic Detect
    User ID Type in your NIS login ID
    Password Type in your NIS password
    Account This field should be left blank
    Comment This field should be left blank
 Your Session Properties window should look like this:          


3. Fill out Startup tab.

  • In the Initial Remote Site Folder type in: /vol/www-data/library
  • In the Initital Local Folder type in the directory where you will be storing your web documents on your hard drive, usually D drive. In this case, you type in: d:\inetpub\wwwroot
  • Click on the"Apply" button and then the "OK" button to connect.
  • You will bring up a window with a divider in the middle like this: 

  • The right side of the window displays the files located on what is called The Remote System (in this case LWeb on the web server) 
  • The left side displays the files located on the Local System (The hard drive on the local computer, in this case, your d drive).

Congratulation!  You've successfully set up your WS_FTP profile.  Remember again, you've done it, and you don't need to do it again unless you want to connect to a different web server. 

Step 2. Using WS FTP to Download Files

            There are many sub-directories in the L-Web, and only two sub-directories you will use most often: 

  • hmpgs:   a directory for your personal web page files
  • bi:            a directory for your BI files

            Double click on the desired subdirectory, and you will see a list of files. 

ocate the desired file in the subdirectory by highlighting the file and then double clicking on the file or single clicking the left arrow in the middle divider.  Your file will be transferred to your local drive (in this case, it is your d drive).

Step 3.   Updating your file either using FrontPage or other HTML editors. 

  • Launch FrontPage or another HTML tool
  • Open your file from d:\inetpub\wwwroot\your file name 
  • Make appropriate changes to your file(s)
  • Save your file(s) as the same file name 

Step 4.   Uploading your file to the remote system

  • Launch WS_FTP
  • Highlight your file in your local drive.
  • Select an appropriate subdirectory in the remote system on the right.
  • Transfer your updated file(s) to the remote system by double clicking the file or single clicking the right arrow in the middle divider. 
  • A small window will appear showing the status of the file transfer.  Click on Yes if you see a message "Same version of xyz.htm exist in the destination folder. Copy the file anyway?"
  • You should now see the file within the destination location.