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Goals and Objectives of the CSULA - China Forum

  • Increase educational and career path opportunities
  • Increase grant and contract opportunities
  • Increase professional development

The Forum Advisory Group

Theodore J. Crovello, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research (Interim Chair)
Chunsheng Bai, Professor of Communication Studies
Qingyun Wu, Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
Jean Loo, Professor of Finance and Business Law
Kern Kwong, Professor of Management
Gay Yuen Wong, Professor of Education
Charles Liu, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Paul Liu, Professor of Technology
Thanh V. Tran, Director of School of Social Work
Stephen K. Ma, Professor of Political Science
Ali Modarres, Professor of Geography and Urban Analysis
Chorswan Ngin, Professor of Anthropology
Holly Yu, Referece Librarian
Janet Zheng, Cal State L.A. Alumnus
Michael Fels, Director of International Programs and Services
Kuei-wu Tsai, Dean of College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology

Goals of the Forum

  • To bring together faculty interested in specific topics
  • To alert faculty in all disciplines to external funding possibilities

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