News and Events

News and Events

The 11th Annual Chinese Poetry Recitation Contest

May 7, 2003

Poetry Contest Winners

Winners at the Contest

Advanced Level

1. Janie Chien, CAL State L.A. (Arcadia)
2. Lixian Situ, Cal State L.A. (Arcadia)
3. Yeang Sou Ngo, UC Irvine (Los Angeles)

  • Honorable Mention
Hong Fu, Cal State L.A. (Monterey Park)
Christina Ng, Cal State L.A. (Monterey Park)
Linh Quach UC Irvine (Anaheim)
Intermediate Level

1. Linda S. Collings, Cal State L.A.(Hacienda Heights)
2. Yue Cheng, Cal State L.A. (Monterey Park)
3. Chris Lee, UC Irvine (No city listed; possible Irvine)

  • Honorable Mention

Chung-Yin Fan, Cal State L.A. (Monterey Park)
Naoki Ohira, Santa Monica College (Santa Monica)

Elementary Level
1. Frank H. Gaulden, UC Irvine (Irvine)
2. Michael Sharrett, Cal State L.A. (Los Angeles)
3. Henry Chen, Cal State L.A. (Los Angeles)
  • Honorable Mention
Diana Jou, UC Irvine (Irvine)
Rosa Ho, UC Irvine (Irvine)
Special Category

1. Russell Bernhardt, Cal State L.A.(West Holly Wood)
2. Wade Kuckstetter, Cal State L.A. (Alhambra)
3. Percy Ortiz, Cal State L.A. (Los Angeles)

  • Honorable Mention
Yoshimi Kono, Santa Monica College (Los Angeles)
Cory Hill, Santa Monica College (Los Angeles)
Major Tsai Awards
Sang Sang Liu
Karen Yang
Chinese B.A. Scholarships
Li-Chuan Chiu
Kathy Wu
Kylie Hsu Endowed Scholarship
Janie Chien
Hanwen Tsai, from East Los Angeles College (lives in Monterey Park), did an excellent job in the advanced group of contest, although he did not win this time.