Guidelines for Effective Library Research Assignments

Guidelines for
Effective Library Research Assignments

Do consult with your college or department liaison librarian to identify databases and search terms relevant to your research assignment and to recommend other appropriate resources.
Do provide your liaison librarian with a copy of your class syllabus and research assignment.
Do arrange for a library instruction session. Please allow a minimum of 90 minutes per session.
Do make sure that your students have formulated their topics prior to attending the library instruction session.
Do make sure that your research assignment guidelines are clear and unambiguous.
Do specify the style manual that you want your students to use.
Do check the Library Catalog to ensure that the Library has copies of the materials you are recommending to your students.
Do require that your students obtain an NIS account.
Do encourage your students to ask for assistance at the Reference Desk during the early stages of their research.
Do place heavily used or personal material on reserve to ensure access for all students.

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